About Alphabet City Studio

The Alphabet City Studio is a unique community art space for teens, children, and families. Our one-of-a-kind programming is designed for children of all engages and encourages family and community participation. We offer classes and activities in a variety of media and subjects so that young artists can find their passions and interests.

Our Vision

Alphabet City Studio aims to be a culture hub in our community and a way to advance arts education, diversity, civic development, and quality of life. We aim to raise young artists who are confident, creative, imaginative, innovative, and expressive. We work to create a resource center for arts throughout the community, offering tools, materials, education, and performance spaces. And we offer programming in both the visual and performing arts.

Alphabet City Studio Values

  • Trust: We aim to create a sense of community and a safe space for creation and expression.
  • Inclusiveness: We support diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds. Our programming is culturally diverse and open to anyone.
  • Collaboration: Our programming is a community effort that is meant to give back to our neighborhood.
  • Relevance: We strive to be a meaningful contributor to our local artistic community.
  • Education: Our students are lifelong learners, and we connect them with some of the best teachers and artists in residence so they can constantly grow through innovation and feedback.
  • Excellence: We maintain high standards in the domains of professionalism, leadership, and skill.
  • Accountability: We will take ownership of the successes and failures of our programming while remaining open to feedback and community needs.
  • Visibility: Art is meant to be seen! We will constantly seek ways to share the works of our students with the larger community and build relationships regionally, locally, and globally.


  • Frederick Henderson
  • Eliza Arias
  • Mirabel Pedreira
  • Carl Tudyk
  • Anna Nikitin