Art Activities and Games for Kids

Art is beautiful, imaginative, and inspiring. Whether a person has artistic talent or not, most people appreciate it in some form or medium. But for children, art is more than just pretty images or designs: It plays a special role in their development and learning. Starting at an early age, children are often attracted to colors, particularly those that are bright and vibrant. As children become old enough to hold a crayon in their hand and scribble on paper, they begin to express themselves in terms of color choices, color combinations, and how they fill a page. They begin to identify colors and associate them with the things that they see every day, such as the blue sky and green grass. When children pick up, hold, and use their chalk, crayon, or paintbrush, they are strengthening their fine motor skills, and by learning to draw within the lines, they're improving their hand-eye coordination. Because kids tend to keep track of their crayons or chalk, this early method of exploring art also helps them as they are learning to count. In addition, as young children engage in drawing and coloring, they are recognizing shapes and learning to put them together in pleasing ways.

By bringing art into a child's life, parents are also helping them to grow socially. Kids who draw, color, and create together learn to interact with one another and share. A child's art can also help improve their self-confidence and creativity. This creativity can help them think outside of the box and come up with new ideas, all of which are desirable traits as they become young adults.

For these reasons, kids should be encouraged to engage in artistic activities, and modern kids have access to so much more than blank sheets of paper and pencils. To supplement those early art tools, there are a large number of games and creative activities that they can participate in. Art games can be online or offline. Online games are typically interactive games that are usually educational and generally fun. They may feature favorite characters from movies or cartoons or create new characters. Often, these games are single-player and are generally not something that parents can engage in with their child. But there are also plenty of different types of artistic activities that can involve parents or teachers as well as children, many of them offline.

Some of the many activities that kids might enjoy that can help them learn, too, involve drawing and animating characters online or creating artistic objects offline. This might include making quilts; drawing clothing, building, or even spaceship designs; or creating sculptures from items found around the home. Kids can create works of art using potatoes, rice, metal shavings, or salt. Families can bring nature indoors to trace leaf patterns or use flowers, rocks, or shells to decorate objects or otherwise create pieces of art. When it comes to art activities and games, families are only limited by their imagination and creativity!

Fostering an interest in art is an inexpensive and engaging way for parents to ensure that their children are participating in activities that are not only fun but also educational. For more art games and activity ideas, check out these links: