Bringing People Together Through Art

Alphabet City Studio was created to educate and inspire young artists while enriching the lives of children and their families. Our mission is to provide the tools, education, opportunities, and inspiration that will help artists thrive. We want to contribute to creating a community that values the arts.

The Positive Impact of Art

By teaching children to express themselves creatively, we provide for them a positive outlet for their emotions and views. Those emotions can be positive or negative, and through art, the outcome will be non-harmful, meaningful, and often beautiful.

Art can open a dialogue that bridges gaps and fosters understanding. Creating art can help a person to define who they are which is especially important in a person's formative years. We take our mission very seriously. Through art, children can improve self-esteem other skills. We are committed to making their experience a success.

By meeting at the Alphabet City Studio, families can meet new friends and like-minded individuals. Creating something together is a great ice-breaker! When communities work together to create art, they can overcome generational, cultural, and physical boundaries. Communities full of beautiful art have more pride and less vandalism. Children can build a strong sense of home, belonging, and community history when they create art on the street, and this can be a fun first step toward greater civic participation.

The bottom line is that art has transformative power. Whether changing the self, the community, or hearts and minds everywhere, artists are change agents. What can be more empowering to young people than showing them that they have the power to make a difference in their community and in their world?

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